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French Coffee Style

In France, coffee is a big deal with its own set of rules. If you love coffee, it’s important to know these traditions before going to a café. It’s not just about politeness; most cafés in France don’t have menus, so you should know what you want when you walk in.

You might know about basic coffee choices like espresso or flat white, but there’s one French style you should try: the café noisette. Despite its name meaning “hazelnut,” it’s not flavored like hazelnut coffee. French Coffee “Noisette” actually refers to the light color achieved by adding a bit of frothy milk to espresso.

Perfect for brunch

Unlike a strong morning espresso, café noisette has a milder taste. It’s great for a leisurely brunch or a relaxed afternoon in France.

It’s not as strong as black French coffee but not as milky as café crème or au lait. The trick is adding a touch of frothed milk to get a dark, nutty color like hazelnuts. This way, you still enjoy the strong espresso flavor, but it’s a bit creamy.

No plans to go to France? No worries! You can make café noisette at home easily. Just use an espresso maker, a milk frother, and a small espresso cup.

First, pour a shot of espresso into the cup. Then, add a bit of frothed milk and stir gently. The coffee will turn a dark brown color.

Take a sip to check the taste. If it’s too strong, add a little more milk.

Just be careful not to add too much – you want to keep that true café noisette style. Too much milk, and it might end up like a café crème!

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