In France, cafés lack menus, so knowing your coffee preference is a must before ordering. 

Café noisette, despite its hazelnut name, is about adding frothy milk to espresso for a light color. 

It offers a milder flavor, balancing between strong black coffee and creamy café crème. 

Achieving a dark, nutty color akin to hazelnuts is the secret, blending espresso with frothy milk. 

Ideal for a leisurely brunch, its unique color and mild taste enhance the mid-morning experience. 

Recreate café noisette at home with an espresso maker, milk frother, and a simple process. 

Carefully blend espresso and frothed milk for a creamy texture without overpowering the espresso flavor. 

After preparation, sip and adjust; too strong, add a bit more milk, but maintain the authentic café noisette style. 

Home brewing allows mastering the art of balancing espresso and frothed milk, capturing French coffee culture. 

Experiment but be cautious with milk quantities to avoid straying from the classic style.