The World Cup Of Coffee!

Andrea Illy organizes the Ernesto Illy International Coffee Award with nine global experts. 

Judges sample 27 coffee cups from nine countries in three categories: cold-brew, drip, and espresso. 

Precision is emphasized with Illy-designed low-scoop spoons and iPads for scoring. 

David Brussa advises judges to trust instincts and not overthink, with emergency sugar available. 

Andrea Illy, the chairman, personally tastes offerings and traces his coffee roots to childhood. 

The tournament's origin dates back to the '90s, aiming to improve coffee quality and industry morale. 

Brazil emerges as the winner after an elaborate process, including a U.N. convocation. 

Illy emphasizes coffee's health benefits at the U.N., highlighting studies on improved longevity. 

The importance of education and espresso sans milk for elevating coffee culture in the U.S. is stressed. 

Andrea Illy reflects on the evolution of coffee consumption in America.