Why Philz Coffee is Special Among Many Coffees

Philz Coffee stands out by making pour-over coffee, crafting each cup individually based on customer preferences. 

Founded in 2003 by Phil Jaber and continued by his son Jacob, Philz Coffee has expanded to 69 locations across the United States. 

CEO Jacob Jaber introduced the mint mojito, a signature drink combining coffee, mint leaves, and cream. 

Philz Coffee values quality, sources beans ethically, and supports causes such as the American Red Cross and the World Wildlife Fund. 

More than a coffee shop, Philz Coffee aims to make every customer happy, emphasizing personalized service, welcoming atmospheres, and community engagement. 

With over 20 blends ranging from light to dark and classic to exotic, Philz Coffee offers a divrse menu to cater to individual tastes. 

Customers choose their blend and customize size, temperature, sweetness, creaminess, and can add flavors or choose dairy alternatives. 

Baristas use a pour-over method, adjusting and tasting until the coffee meets the customer's specifications. 

Customers receive their personalized coffee in a paper cup with a lid, creating a convenient and enjoyable experience. 

Beyond a coffee shop, Philz Coffee offers a memorable coffee experience, making it a destination for coffee lovers.