Nestlé Vietnam invests US$100 million in expanding the Tri An coffee factory in Đồng Nai, Vietnam. 

The Tri An factory exports coffee products, including brands like Nescafé, Nescafé Dolce Gusto, and Starbucks, to over 29 countries. 

Nestlé has committed over US$500 million in investments at the Tri An facility since 2011. 

Nestlé is the largest coffee buyer in Vietnam, with annual purchases reaching up to US$700 million. 

The Nescafé Plan, Nestlé's sustainability program in Vietnam since 2011, supports farmers in adopting sustainable farming methods and rejuvenating coffee plots. 

The Nescafé Plan also focuses on protecting water resources and biodiversity in the Central Highlands region of Vietnam. 

Nestlé operates six factories in Vietnam, producing coffee, cocoa malt beverages, cooking aids, and water. 

The company employs approximately 3000 people in Vietnam. 

The investment is part of Nestlé's ongoing commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices. 

Nestlé's Tri An factory plays a vital role in the global coffee supply chain.