Jura ENA8   

Jura ENA8 Design 

The coffee machine has a sleek matte black design with rounded corners, although the hefty build may affect daily use due to a small water reservoir. 

Jura ENA8  

Milk Options and Cleaning 

The ENA8 provides a glass container for milk with various tubing options. However, the milk-cleaning function on the touch screen can be a bit aggravating with multiple steps. 

Touch Screen Navigation 

The touch screen interface, while offering a variety of drink options, is small and requires navigating with three tiny dots, making it less user-friendly than expected. 

Drink Temperature Issues

The drinks, especially milk foam, tend to be consistently chilly. Adjusting the size of the drink during the brewing process may result in watery beverages. 

Unlike some other machines, the ENA8 allows for adjusting the size of drinks while they are being brewed, with a convenient cancel button. 

Adjusting Drink Size on-the-go 

J.O.E. App Connectivity 

The J.O.E. app, although available for the ENA8, proves less intuitive and lacks significant remote control features, diminishing its utility. 

Limited Functionality of J.O.E. App 

Despite connecting to the machine, the app mainly provides updates on machine utilities and allows part orders, falling short of expectations. 

While the ENA8 disappointed in smart features, other Jura models offer improvements in screen interface, water capacity, drink selection, and temperature control, maintaining Jura's overall reliability. 

Longevity of Jura Machines 

Higher Model Options 

Jura's higher models, like the E6, seem to address issues found in the ENA8, offering better value for a similar price. 

White Bag

The ENA8 falls short in terms of being a smart coffee maker, lacking in both smart functionalities and overall delight as a coffee maker.