Golden Intrigue at Lucknow Airport: Smuggled Treasures Revealed! 

Lucknow Airport Customs discovered gold worth ₹2.55 crore in two separate cases. 

In the first case, 3.497 Kg of gold was hidden inside a coffee machine from a Dubai flight. 

The coffee machine was intercepted due to abnormal weight during scanning. 

Tools were used to cut and reveal two cylindrical gold bars concealed in the machine. 

The second case involved a passenger arriving from Sharjah with 554 grams of gold hidden in the rectum. 

The gold recovery was based on inputs and suspicion during a routine search. 

The total weight of the seized gold in both cases was 4.05 Kg. 

Investigations are ongoing regarding the source and purpose of smuggling. 

Both incidents occurred at Lucknow's Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport. 

Customs officials are actively handling the cases, and further updates are awaited.