Y Pôt Niê, from the Ê Đê ethnic group in Vietnam, started Ê Đê Café to promote locally produced coffee.

Despite being raised in a family of coffee farmers, he initially pursued a medical career. 

Inspired by his love for coffee, Y Pôt Niê left his medical job in 2019 to start his coffee business. 

He learned traditional roasting methods, emphasizing a steady and low fire for a unique taste. 

Y Pôt Niê's organic coffee is grown without chemicals, supporting local farmers in the process. 

Starting with two products, Ê Đê Café now offers eight coffee lines sold internationally. 

In 2022, the company's Robusta coffee received four stars from the OCOP program. 

Y Pôt Niê faced challenges, with initial family resistance, but received support from local authorities. 

Y Pôt Niê envisions his brand as a trusted symbol for coffee lovers worldwide.