Coffee Giants Unite: De'Longhi's La Marzocco-Eversys Merger 

De'Longhi is forming a global business group by merging La Marzocco and Eversys, two renowned coffee machine manufacturers. 

In a $374 million deal, De'Longhi will acquire a 41.2% stake in La Marzocco, enhancing its position in the coffee machine industry. 

The combined turnover for La Marzocco and Eversys is projected to be approximately €372 million ($409 million) in 2023, with an adjusted EBITDA of €87 million ($96 million). 

The collaboration aims to create synergies and cross-selling opportunities, particularly in research, production, and market development. 

Coffee contributes significantly to De'Longhi's revenue, constituting nearly 60% of the company's total Q3 2023 revenues, driven by strong Eversys sales growth. 

De'Longhi's Board of Directors values the transaction at $1.4 billion, with De'Longhi controlling approximately 61.4% of the new corporate structure after completion in Q1 2024. 

Fabio de' Longhi, CEO and Vice President of De'Longhi, expresses satisfaction, emphasizing the consolidation of leadership in the premium coffee market through this transaction. 

Both La Marzocco and Eversys will maintain independence, with their existing management ensuring continuity and preserving distinctive corporate cultures. 

La Marzocco, led by CEO Guido Bernardinelli since 2018, and Eversys, under Martin Strehl's leadership, will continue their operations autonomously. 

De'Longhi's acquisition of Eversys in May 2021, for CHF 150 million ($164 million), marked a strategic move in the company's expansion, complementing the 40% stake acquired in June 2017.