The Rise of Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee was founded by Mike Brown in 2012 in Saratoga Springs, New York. 

Brown identified a demand for the world's strongest coffee while working as a barista, leading to the creation of Death Wish Coffee. 

Brown experimented with various beans, roasts, and grinds to create the perfect combination for the strongest coffee without compromising on taste. 

The coffee initially sold online through Brown's website and Amazon, gaining popularity at local farmers' markets and events. 

In 2015, Death Wish Coffee won a Super Bowl commercial through an Intuit QuickBooks contest, boosting its sales and recognition. 

The Super Bowl commercial featured Vikings preparing for battle with Death Wish Coffee, reaching over 100 million viewers. 

Over the years, Death Wish Coffee has expanded its product line, offering ground coffee, whole bean coffee, instant coffee, cold brew cans, and K-cups. 

The company partners with organizations like the Special Olympics and the International Space Station, also sponsoring events, podcasts, and supporting charities. 

Death Wish Coffee aims to "fuel your passion," inspiring people to pursue their dreams and goals. 

Mike Brown expresses excitement for the future, always seeking new ways to improve the coffee and the business.