Coffea sells 25 lac cups of coffee in a year with a unique blend of affordability and premium quality. 

Remarkable Milestone 

Ankit Jain, Ashish Dubey, and Rashmeet Singh Gandhi create Coffea, expanding to 35 cafes across 12 states. 

Founding Visionaries 

Coffea integrates Indian food with coffee, becoming the only successful Indian brand with this fusion. 

Unique Blend  

Bridging aspirations and budget constraints, Coffea becomes a local favorite in a year. 

Affordable Premium Concept 

Coffea's menu celebrates India's cultural nuances, promising an affordable premium experience. 

Cultural Celebration 

From bootstrapped to profitable, Coffea taps into India's evolving coffee culture for rapid growth. 

Unprecedented Growth 

Coffea aims for 300 cafes by 2025, embracing franchise partnerships and proprietary cafes. 

Visionary Expansion 

Entrepreneurs can join the coffee revolution by partnering with Coffea, actively welcoming franchise partnerships. 

Franchise Opportunities 

Coffea's journey from Indore's streets to shaping India's coffee culture through passion and dedication. 

Nationwide Legacy 

Coffea is a cultural movement, inviting enthusiasts and entrepreneurs to reshape India's coffee landscape. 

Cultural Movement