BTS V's Amazing Impact: How Compose Coffee Became a Hit Worldwide  

BTS member V's collaboration with Compose Coffee and suddenly, more than 12 million people start loving their coffee in just 10 days. 

Compose Coffee,  South Korea, becomes famous worldwide because BTS member V,  is now its ambassador from Busan.

V, the singer of "Winter Bear," is now the ambassador of Compose Coffee, and the coffee brand expects lots of people to start loving it even more.

Compose Coffee gets over 2.6 million new fans in just 10 days, making the total number of coffee app lovers more than 10 million! 

After V's support, Compose Coffee, with 2,200 shops in South Korea, thinks about making coffee lovers happy in more places around the world. 

With V as the brand's face, Compose Coffee aims for global markets, contemplating more stores worldwide.

Compose Coffee opens its first store in Singapore, a significant step toward international presence. 

Working with V is like magic for Compose Coffee. People think it's awesome and expect even more exciting things to happen. 

The news confirms that 'Compose Coffee' is really thinking about becoming a global coffee sensation, just like V, who represents the brand. 

Since 2014, Compose Coffee has been growing super fast, and after V joined, it got even quicker, now having 2,200 locations in South Korea.