Agarwal surprises everyone by investing in a coffee company called Baazigar, despite his preference for tea or water. 

Baazigar founders, Rajat and Priya, pitch a unique blend of coffee beans with a focus on social impact. 

The coffee company ensures fair prices for farmers, ethical practices, and donates a percentage of profits to causes like education and health. 

Baazigar seeks Rs. 1 crore in exchange for 10% equity, claiming a revenue of Rs. 50 lakh in the last year and projecting 300% growth. 

The sharks inquire about the product, market, and competition, tasting the coffee and expressing concerns about valuation and scalability. 

Ritesh Agarwal is impressed by Baazigar's story, passion, and vision, making a surprising offer of Rs. 1 crore for 10% equity with a lifetime supply of coffee. 

Baazigar founders joyfully accept the offer, thanking Agarwal for his trust and support. 

Other sharks question Agarwal's investment, citing his non-coffee-drinking preference and concerns about overpayment. 

Agarwal expresses confidence in his gut feeling about Baazigar and looks forward to being part of the company's success.