Avercasso introduces AI-powered coffee sorting with CS One. 

Subsidiary of AVer Information Inc., specializing in audio-visual electronics. 

The CS One uses advanced image recognition technology and AI algorithms to identify and separate defective green coffee beans. 

The sorting process involves capturing multiple images of each bean, evaluating them based on user-selected profiles, and using compressed air to remove defective beans. 

The CS One is designed for small-scale roasting companies with a 2.5-kilo hopper, capable of scanning up to five kilograms of green coffee per hour. 

Avercasso offers customization for different post-harvest processing methods and plans to refine algorithms for more applications. 

Preorders for the CS One are available at $20,000 USD, with plans for the CS Pro, a larger and faster version for industrial roasting applications. 

Avercasso aims to develop a smaller version for micro-roasting and introduces an innovative AI sorting program subscription plan. 

AVer Information's CEO and CTO began deploying AI applications in the coffee industry in 2022, leading to the CS One prototype. 

The company's mission is to empower coffee masters, ensuring high-quality, healthy coffee worldwide.