Starbucks Doubles Down: Big India Expansion by 2028



Starbucks is a big company that sells coffee around the world. It wants to open many more coffee shops in India in the next four years. It wants to open one new coffee shop every three days. It thinks that more people in India will buy coffee as they become richer.

Starbucks wants to have 1,000 coffee shops in India by 2028. It wants to open them in smaller cities, not just in big ones. It also wants to have more coffee shops that you can drive through, or that are open all day and night, or that are in airports. It thinks that it will need twice as many workers in India, so it will hire 8,600 more people.

In India, most people like to drink tea with milk and sugar. But coffee is becoming more popular too. More people want to go to coffee shops and try different kinds of coffee. Some other coffee shops, like Blue Tokai, also sell coffee that is grown in India.

The boss of Starbucks, Laxman Narasimhan, is in India this week. He said that India is one of the best places for Starbucks to grow. He said that he is happy to help more people in India enjoy coffee.

Starbucks has other plans to grow in other countries too. It has been in India since 2012, with a partner company called Tata Consumer Products. It has 390 coffee shops in 54 cities in India now. In the last three months, it opened 22 more coffee shops in India, and made more money than before.

Starbucks wants to have 1,000 coffee shops in India, but that is still much less than the 6,500 coffee shops it has in China. China is another big country where Starbucks is growing.

In India, most people drink coffee that is easy to make at home. But some coffee shops want to sell more expensive and fancy coffee to them. The U.S. government says that only a third of the coffee that people drink in India is like that. It also says that people may buy less coffee if it becomes too costly for them.

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