Roastery Coffee House: India’s 1st Brew in Europe

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Roastery Coffee House is a coffee shop from India that started in 2017 in Hyderabad. It wants to make people love coffee more and enjoy different kinds of coffee. It is going to open a new shop in Finland, which is a country in Europe where people drink a lot of coffee. It is the first coffee shop from India to do this.

Before opening the shop, they had a special event in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, for three days in December 2023. They showed people a special kind of coffee from India called “Monsoon Malabar”. Many people came to the event and liked the coffee very much. This made Roastery Coffee House happy and hopeful that they can sell good coffee to Finnish people.

Nishant Sinha, who started Roastery Coffee House, said that he was very excited about this. He said that coffee is not just a drink, but an experience and a way to explore different flavors. He said that he wanted to make Indian coffee more popular in the world, and that he chose Finland because both countries love good coffee.

At the event, Roastery Coffee House learned a lot from the people who came. They sold 250 packets of coffee beans and 200 cups of coffee in three days. This showed that people liked their coffee. Roastery Coffee House also wanted to tell people more about Indian coffee, how it is grown, where it comes from, and how it is good for the environment.

Roastery Coffee House
Roastery Coffee House

Roastery Coffee House already has many shops in India, in cities like Hyderabad, Kolkata, Noida, Lucknow, and Jaipur. Now, it is ready to open a shop in Finland and make more people enjoy its coffee.

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