How Nescafé became the most popular instant coffee brand in 2024 ?

Coffee History

Nescafé’s Global Success

Fewer Americans are choosing instant coffee these days because they prefer fancier options like espresso and cold brews. Only 4% of Americans go for instant coffee, says the National Coffee Association.

But it’s a different story in other countries.

Around the world, about 25% of people drink soluble coffee, says the Brazilian Instant Coffee Industry Association, and that number is going up.

Despite its bad reputation, instant coffee is still popular because it’s cheap and easy. Nescafes , the biggest instant coffee brand owned by Nestlé, sells 6,100 cups every second.

It’s available in 180 countries, and one out of seven cups of coffee worldwide is Nescafé.

CNBC went to Vietnam, the second-largest coffee exporter after Brazil, to see how It is made and to learn about the future of instant coffee.

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