Mahlkönig’s EK Omnia, Your Barista’s Game-Changer! In 2024 : Unlocking Excellence



Mahlkönig is a company that makes coffee grinders. It started in 1924 and has always been very good at making new and better grinders.

One of its best grinders is the EK 43, which came out in 1990. Many people in the coffee industry love it and use it.

Now, Mahlkönig has a new grinder called the EK Omnia. It is based on the EK 43, but it has many new features that make it even better. It can grind coffee very consistently and efficiently.

Omnia means ‘everything’ or ‘all things’ in Latin. The EK Omnia can do everything that a coffee professional needs.

The Mahlkönig EK Omnia has three ways to grind coffee: Classic Mode, Time Mode, and Library Mode.

In Classic Mode, you can grind coffee like you would with the EK 43. You just turn a dial to choose the number you want and then grind. The dial has a touchscreen that shows you the number and the distance between the grinding disks.

In Time Mode, you can make recipes for different kinds of coffee or brewing methods. You can set the grind size and the grind time for each recipe. Then you can save them and use them later. The grinder will change the dial and grind the coffee for you. You just have to press a big button that has a light in the shape of an ‘O’.

In Library Mode, you can use a special hopper that measures how much coffee you need. The grinder will also adjust the grind size automatically. You can save recipes that have both the amount of coffee and the grind size. The grinder will measure the grind size very accurately in microns. When you choose a recipe, the grinder will change the distance between the disks and the hopper to match it.

The EK Omnia in Library Mode can make the same coffee in different places. It does not need to be calibrated often.

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