Golden Intrigue at Lucknow Airport In 2023: Smuggled Treasures Revealed!

At the Lucknow airport, security officers found a lot of gold in two different situations. First, they got suspicious about a coffee machine while checking it with a scanner. When they looked closer, they discovered 3.497 kilograms of gold inside the machine, which came from Dubai on flight IX 194. The gold is worth ₹2.55 crore and was cleverly hidden.

In the first instance, officers became suspicious of a coffee machine during scanning. Upon closer inspection, they found 3.497 kilograms of gold concealed inside the machine, which had been shipped from Dubai via the IX 194 flight. The gold, in the form of two cylindrical bars, was cleverly hidden within the machine, detected when the machine was found to be unusually heavy and damaged.

In a separate incident, 554 grams of gold were recovered from the rectum of another passenger arriving on Flight no 6E1424 from Sharjah. This discovery was made during a routine search based on suspicions and information received. The total weight of the seized gold in both cases was 4.05 kilograms, and its combined worth was ₹2.55 crore. The customs officials at CCSI Airport Lucknow are currently conducting further investigations into these incidents.

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