When Was Death Wish Coffee First Introduced ? #1


Death Wish Coffee is a special kind of coffee that says it’s the strongest in the world. It has about three times more caffeine than your regular cup of coffee. Now, let’s talk about how this coffee came to be. Here’s a quick story about how Death Wish Coffee started and became really famous.

The Origin of Death Wish Coffee:

Mike Brown started Death Wish Coffee in 2012 in Saratoga Springs, New York. He used to make coffee at a café. People there always wanted the strongest coffee. Mike saw that lots of folks wanted a coffee that made them feel super awake and full of energy.

But, they also wanted it to taste good and be high quality. So, he decided to create a coffee that gives a big energy boost without losing great taste and quality.

Brown wanted to make really strong coffee for people who liked it that way. So, he tried mixing different types of coffee beans, roasting them in various ways, and grinding them differently until he found the best mix.

He used special beans that are organic, fair-trade, and approved by the USDA. This mix made the coffee super strong. He called it Death Wish Coffee to show how powerful and bold it was.

The Growth of Death Wish Coffee:

Brown began selling his coffee on the internet using his own website and on Amazon. He also sold his coffee at nearby farmers’ markets and events, making lots of fans. After a while, he saw that many people liked his coffee, so he decided to make and send out more to meet the growing demand.

In 2015, Mike Brown joined a contest called “Small Business, Big Game,” supported by Intuit QuickBooks. The contest gave a small business the opportunity to win a free Super Bowl commercial.

Mike made a video sharing his story and vision for Death Wish Coffee, and the judges picked him as one of the top competitors. After that, he asked his customers and fans to vote for him online, and he ended up winning the contest, surpassing thousands of other entries.

In 2016, the Super Bowl commercial was super awesome for Death Wish Coffee! It showed Vikings sailing on a wild sea, sipping Death Wish Coffee to get ready for a big fight. Lots and lots of people, more than 100 million, saw the commercial on TV.

This made many people want to buy Death Wish Coffee, and more folks recognized the brand. Mike Brown, the person who started the company, said the commercial totally changed the game for his business. He was really happy for the chance to show off his coffee to so many people!

The Future of Death Wish Coffee:

After that, Death Wish Coffee got even bigger and cooler! They started making lots of new things like regular coffee, coffee beans, quick coffee, cold coffee in cans, and K-cups. They also teamed up with different groups like the Special Olympics, the International Space Station, and some charities. Death Wish Coffee helps with events, podcasts, and even has fun contests and giveaways for the people who love their coffee. They’re not just about coffee; they also like supporting good things and having fun with their fans!

Death Wish Coffee isn’t just coffee; it’s like a group of friends who really love strong coffee and having a good time. The person who started it, Mike Brown, wants to help you feel excited and passionate. He hopes his coffee can make you want to follow your dreams and achieve your goals. Mike is always thinking of better ways to make his coffee and improve his business. He’s super excited about what’s coming next for Death Wish Coffee, and he can’t wait to share it with everyone!

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