Coffee Excellence 2024: UAE Barista Championships

The World of Coffee 2024 is hosting a big coffee event in Abu Dhabi. This event is essential for the coffee industry and will include two competitions: the ‘UAE National Barista Championship’ and the ‘UAE National Latte Art Championship.’ These competitions are for professionals who work in the coffee industry.

The event, organized by DXB Live and the Specialty Coffee Association, will take place from January 21 to 23. The ‘UAE National Barista Championship’ will bring together skilled coffee professionals in the UAE to showcase their talents in front of experts, specialists, and enthusiasts.

Judges from around the world will evaluate the participants based on the quality of their coffee, presentation skills, creativity, and technical abilities. The goal is to highlight the importance of being a barista and improve the overall excellence in the coffee industry.

UAE Barista Championships
UAE Barista Championships

The event “UAE Barista Championships” will also set the stage for the ‘World Barista Championship,’ where winners from national championships worldwide will compete.

The ‘UAE National Latte Art Championship’ will focus on the artistic side of making lattes. Judges will assess entries based on visual and creative aspects, emphasizing diverse styles and overall taste.

Khalid Al Mulla, CEO of the Specialty Coffee Association – UAE Chapter, sees these competitions as a way to position Dubai as a hub for innovation and excellence in the coffee sector.

The show will have lots of things to do, like visiting ‘Roasters Village,’ ‘Cupping Room,’ and ‘Brew Bar.’ There will also be talks and workshops about taking care of the environment, using resources wisely, and making coffee responsibly.

World of Coffee 2024 Dubai wants to gather people who love coffee, experts, and workers in the coffee business. The goal is to meet, find new coffee products, share ideas, and make connections with important people in the coffee world. It’s a big deal for those who love coffee, own cafes, or work as baristas.

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