BTS V Amazing Impact: How Compose Coffee Became a Hit Worldwide in Just 10 Days!

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BTS V Amazing Impact

BTS V has made Compose Coffee super popular in just 10 days, and now the coffee brand wants to be famous all around the world. Thanks to V’s charm, more than 12 million people started loving Compose Coffee in a very short time.

It’s a big deal because of V, the second youngest member of BTS, became the face of the coffee brand in December 2023. Even though Compose Coffee was mostly known in South Korea, where it started in Busan, now it’s a hit globally.

The big coffee company, Compose Coffee, said they are happy to work with V, who is loved by people everywhere. They believe this collaboration with V, who they call a ’21st-century pop icon,’ will make even more people love their coffee. They shared this exciting news in a statement.

Because of V’s charm, Compose Coffee got a lot more popular, going from less than 9.3 million app users to nearly 12 million in just 10 days. That’s a huge jump! Now, after this success, Compose Coffee is thinking about becoming a global coffee brand. Since starting in Busan in 2014, they’ve already opened 2,200 coffee shops in South Korea.

With V as the face of Compose Coffee Korea, the plan is to reach people all around the world. There are reports in the media that ‘Compose Coffee’ is actively thinking about expanding globally.

They even opened their first store in Singapore last year, and now they are thinking about having more stores there. It’s an exciting time for Compose Coffee as they aim to be loved by coffee drinkers everywhere.

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