3 Best Delonghi Nespresso coffee machine for Latte Lovers

If you are a latte lover, you might be looking for a coffee machine that can make your favorite drink with ease and convenience. Nespresso machines are known for their simplicity, speed and quality, but not all of them are designed for making lattes. In this article, we will review some of the best delonghi nespresso coffee machines for latte lovers and help you choose the one that suits your needs and preferences.

What is a Latte?

A latte is a coffee beverage comprising espresso and steamed milk, often crowned with a delicate layer of foam. Originating from the Italian word for milk, ‘latte’ is a concise form of ‘caffè latte,’ translating to ‘coffee with milk.’ Lattes can be infused with various syrups like vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, etc. Typically served in a large glass or mug, the latte stands as one of the most beloved coffee concoctions globally.

What makes a good latte?

Achieving a delightful latte hinges on several factors, including the quality of coffee beans, milk freshness, steam temperature and pressure, the espresso-to-milk ratio, and the barista’s expertise.

For home latte crafting, a coffee machine that produces robust, aromatic espresso and froths milk to a creamy, silky consistency is indispensable. Furthermore, an ideal latte machine should be user-friendly, easy to clean, maintain, and boast features aligning with personal preferences.

What are the benefits of delonghi nespresso coffee machines?

Delonghi, a prominent Italian brand specializing in coffee machines, particularly espresso machines, has collaborated with Nespresso, a Swiss company renowned for single-serve coffee capsules. This collaboration has resulted in a range of coffee machines utilizing Nespresso pods, offering several advantages such as:

  • Convenience: Nespresso machines simplify the brewing process — just insert a capsule, press a button, and relish your coffee. Eliminating the need for grinding, tamping, or measuring coffee, the capsules come in various flavors and intensities, catering to diverse tastes and moods. Nespresso machines boast a swift heat-up time, ensuring minimal waiting for your coffee.
  • Quality: Engineered for excellence, Nespresso machines yield high-quality espresso characterized by a rich crema and balanced flavor. Nespresso capsules contain premium coffee beans, expertly roasted and ground, sealed in airtight containers to preserve freshness and aroma. The machines’ high-pressure pump extracts optimal flavor and aroma from the coffee.
  • Style: Nespresso machines blend sleekness with style, available in various colors and designs to complement kitchen decor. Delonghi’s Nespresso machines exude elegance and compactness, featuring a modern and sophisticated aesthetic. Beyond functionality, Nespresso machines are a fashion statement.

What are the best delonghi nespresso coffee machines for latte lovers?

Not all delonghi nespresso machines are good for lattes. Some have basic milk frothers, while others let you customize the milk. Some even have a special latte button. Here are some top choices based on features and customer reviews:

Our Top Picks:

Nespresso Lattissima One


Lattissima One: Nespresso by De’Longhi

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Nespresso Lattissima One by De’Longhi presents a stylish, black espresso machine featuring a modern design and compact dimensions (15.4D x 32.4W x 25.6H cm). Its special milk frother conveniently enhances the preparation of various coffee beverages. The paper filter system is tailored for brewing espresso, ensuring a high-quality and barista-style coffee experience. Designed for both everyday use and travel, it offers reliability in a compact form. The inclusive package comprises essential components, including a user manual for easy operation and maintenance.


  • Innovative Milk System
  • High-Pressure Pump
  • Quick Heating
  • Compact and Stylish Design
  • Ultimate Coffee Quality


  • Limited to Coffee Capsules
  • Specialized Function Paper Filter Requirement Specific Uses

The Nespresso Lattissima One Original Espresso Machine by De’Longhi introduces a sleek and cutting-edge coffee pod system designed to deliver the convenience of barista-style coffee right to your home. Featuring a unique single-serve milk system, this espresso machine simplifies the process—allowing you to effortlessly fill the milk jug with your desired amount and froth it directly into your cup, achieving the perfect latte or cappuccino. Operating with a high-pressure pump at 19 bars, the machine ensures a premium coffee experience, extracting delicate flavors and aromas from each coffee capsule to produce a rich and creamy crema. Crafted in Italy, its simple and modern design empowers users to effortlessly brew authentic espresso at home.

Delonghi EN550BK1: Black Lattissima Touch Espresso Maker


Delonghi Black Lattissima Touch Espresso Maker

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The Nespresso espresso machine in sleek black combines modern style with practical features. This machine comes with a special milk frother for creating creamy beverages. It is designed as a fully automatic espresso maker with a reusable filter, making it convenient for daily use. The specific use of the product is for brewing espresso, and it is recommended for those who are frequently on the go or traveling. The machine includes a carafe, ensuring you have everything you need for a delightful coffee experience.


  • Powerful 19-Bar Pressure Pump
  • User-Friendly Beverage Selection
  • Patented Automatic Cappuccino System
  • Handy Milk Carafe Feature
  • Rapid Heating Time


  • Limited Color Variety
  • Fully Automated Operation

Elevate your coffee experience at home with the DeLonghi EN550BK1 Lattissima Touch Nespresso Single Serve Espresso Maker. Effortlessly craft espresso, cappuccino, and more with a simple touch. The built-in milk frother ensures creamy textures for your lattes. Easy to use and maintain, it boasts quick heat-up, self-cleaning, and an eco-friendly mode. With its sleek black finish and user-friendly touch screen, this machine combines convenience, quality, and style for coffee enthusiasts who appreciate a delightful brewing experience.

Nespresso VertuoPlus by De’Longhi


Nespresso VertuoPlus by De’Longhi

3 Best Delonghi Nespresso coffee machine for Latte Lovers

The De’Longhi Espresso Machine, finished in a sleek black color, combines modern style with practicality. With compact dimensions of 25D x 27W x 32H centimeters, it’s a portable solution ideal for those on the go. This espresso machine features a reusable filter, emphasizing its commitment to sustainability. Tailored specifically for brewing espresso, it’s the perfect companion for your coffee cravings. Noteworthy is its recommended use for traveling, making it a versatile choice for coffee enthusiasts on the move. The package includes a sampler, adding an extra touch to the overall coffee experience.


  • Automatic Brewing Mastery
  • Versatility in Brewing
  • Complimentary Welcome Package
  • Barista-Quality Excellence
  • Convenient Features


  • Dependency on Nespresso Capsules
  • Limited Variety in Color Options

The Nespresso VertuoPlus Coffee and Espresso Machine by De’Longhi in Black Matte stands out as a chic and effective coffee maker that harmonizes modern design with cutting-edge technology. Its versatility, quick brewing, and top-tier quality create a high-end coffee experience. While the reliance on Nespresso capsules and the restricted color choices might be drawbacks for certain users, the machine’s overall performance and convenience make it a valuable addition to any coffee enthusiast’s kitchen. Enhance your coffee routine with the Nespresso VertuoPlus – a meeting point of innovation and flavor.

De’Longhi Nespresso CitiZ Espresso Machine


De’Longhi Nespresso CitiZ Espresso Machine

61u 3 Best Delonghi Nespresso coffee machine for Latte Lovers

The Nespresso Espresso Machine, in a sleek black color, boasts a thermal special feature that enhances its modern design. This espresso machine, with a reusable filter, is specifically designed for brewing espresso, making it an ideal companion for those who appreciate the rich and bold flavor of this coffee variant. Additionally, its manual operation mode and included filter make it a convenient choice for those on the go, especially suited for traveling purposes.


  • Thermal Excellence
  • Reusable Filter
  • Modern Aesthetics
  • Espresso Expertise


  • Limited Functionality
  • Traveling Limitations

The Nespresso CitiZ Espresso Machine by De’Longhi is a stellar choice for espresso aficionados who prioritize thermal perfection, modern aesthetics, and the convenience of a reusable filter. While its functionality is geared towards crafting the perfect espresso, it might not be the top pick for those seeking a more versatile coffee machine. Embrace the art of espresso-making with this stylish and reliable addition to your kitchen.

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