Unveiling the Future with AI-Powered Avercasso CS 1 Sorting Green Bean Machine

AI-powered green coffee sorting machine

AI-powered green coffee sorting machine

A new machine called CS One, made by a brand called Avercasso in Taiwan, uses smart technology to sort green coffee beans. It was shown to the public in October at a trade show in Milan and will be at another show in Chicago in April. This machine has special cameras and smart programs that find and separate bad coffee beans.

Avercasso is part of AVer Information Inc., a company in Taiwan that makes electronics. CS One uses technology similar to face recognition to spot and sort out bad coffee beans. It has powerful cameras that take many pictures of each bean, and a smart program decides if a bean is good or bad.

If a bean is bad, the machine uses air to push it away. There’s also a phone app that tells how many bad beans were found. A representative from Avercasso said that using this smart technology helps make the sorting process better.

The CS One is a machine about the size of a small shop roaster. It’s made for small coffee businesses. It can scan up to five kilograms of green coffee in an hour. You can also get a bigger version that can scan more.

The leaders of AVer Information, Andy Hsi and Joseph Chen, started using smart technology in coffee in 2022. They made the first CS One prototype six months later. You can order the CS One now for $20,000, and next year they plan to release a faster version for bigger coffee businesses.

Avercasso is also working on making a smaller version for a growing trend called micro-roasting. They are also creating a plan where you can subscribe to use their smart sorting program. Their goal is to help everyone who loves coffee make it better and healthier.

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