AGARO Imperial Espresso Coffee Maker Review: A Revolutionary Culmination of Stylish Mastery

If you love your coffee, you know finding the right espresso is like finding treasure. The AGARO Imperial Espresso Coffee Maker has been making waves among coffee enthusiasts. In this blog post, we’re taking a closer look at this machine – it claims to be a dream come true for coffee lovers. We’ll break down its cool features and design, exploring why it’s become a favorite for those who really enjoy their coffee. We also include this coffee machine on our ” 8 Best Espresso Machines for Easy Home Brewing ” blog post.

Let’s dive into the world of the AGARO Imperial and see if it lives up to the hype!

AGARO Imperial Espresso Coffee Maker

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The AGARO Espresso Coffee Maker is a stylish silver machine that’s 28 centimeters deep, 23.5 centimeters wide, and 30 centimeters tall. It has a cool extra – a milk frother – making it awesome for creating all kinds of coffee treats. This coffee maker is called an Espresso Machine and uses a filter that you can use again and again, which is good for the environment.


  • Fast and stable extraction with 15 bars of high pressure.
  • Double temperature control system for precise customization.
  • 360° rotating stainless steel frothing wand for convenient use.
  • Stylish and easy-to-clean stainless steel body.
  • Reusable filter for consistent and balanced espresso.


  • The machine might be a bit noisy during operation, though this is a minor inconvenience considering the exceptional performance.

Features of AGARO Espresso Coffee Maker :

Impressive Pressure: The AGARO Imperial Espresso Coffee Maker features 15 bars of high pressure, driven by 1100 watts, ensuring a quick and stable extraction process. This results in aromatic espresso with a rich creaminess, akin to what you’d expect in a professional café.

Analog Dial Thermometer: The addition of an analog dial thermometer is a considerate feature, allowing for precise temperature control during coffee extraction, ensuring optimal flavor.

Double Temperature Control System: A standout feature is the double temperature control system, with separate thermostats for water and milk foam. This innovative design lets you customize the temperature of each component, creating a perfect balance for a delightful cup of coffee.

Rotating Frothing Wand: The 360° rotating stainless steel frothing wand makes adjusting foam and steam levels easy, adding a layer of convenience to the brewing process.

Easy to Clean: The espresso maker is designed for easy cleaning, thanks to its durable stainless steel body. This not only ensures longevity but also contributes to an elegant aesthetic.

Reusable Filter: With a reusable filter, the AGARO Imperial allows you to consistently achieve a well-balanced espresso by using the right amount of ground coffee, making the brewing process more sustainable.

Espresso Coffee Maker

It’s perfect if you love strong and tasty coffee. And guess what? It’s not too big, so you can take it with you when you’re on the go, making it great for travelers. Inside the package, you’ll find a reusable filter, making it easy to brew your coffee.

The AGARO Imperial Espresso Coffee Maker is awesome for coffee fans. It’s special because it squeezes coffee with lots of pressure, has two temperature controls, and useful features. It makes a bit of noise, but it’s worth it because it brews really good espresso. If you want a cool, reliable, and full-featured espresso machine that’s worth your money, go for the AGARO Imperial.

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