AGARO Supreme Espresso Coffee Maker With Grinder Review : Embrace Your Coffee Experience

If you want a coffee maker that can easily make espresso, lattes, and cappuccinos and comes with a built-in grinder, check out the AGARO Supreme Espresso Coffee Maker With Grinder. We also featured this coffee machine in our blog post 8 Best Espresso Machines for Easy Home Brewing .

It’s packed with cool features like strong pressure, smart temperature control, and a powerful steam wand, making it perfect for anyone who likes making great coffee at home. Join me in this review as we talk about the basics, the good and not-so-good things, features, and why this coffee maker is a handy choice.

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The AGARO Supreme Espresso Coffee Maker With Grinder, from the reputable brand AGARO, is a sleek and modern addition to your kitchen. With dimensions of 32D x 34.7W x 41H centimeters, this coffee maker comes in an elegant silver design with a digital display and stainless steel body, weighing 6.5 kilograms. It features a built-in grinder for customizable coffee bean grinding, offering an adjustable grind size. Boasting a 20-bar pressure for fast and stable extraction, it excels in making aromatic and creamy espresso. The dual heating system ensures optimal espresso extraction and milk frothing, complemented by a steam wand for textured foam and latte art.


  • Makes espresso, latte, and cappuccino.
  • Built-in grinder allows customization of coffee bean grind size.
  • Ensures fast and stable extraction.
  • Results in more fragrant and creamier espresso.
  • Heats water and milk separately for optimal extraction and frothing.
  • Enables hand-textured foam milk.
  • Perfect for creating intricate latte art.
  • Silver color, digital display, and stainless steel body.
  • 8-liter capacity.
  • Easy to fill and clean for convenience.
  • Comes with a filter and coffee spoon.
  • Useful additions for coffee preparation.


  • Weighs 6.5 kilograms, making it challenging to move or store easily.
  • Primarily designed for espresso, latte, and cappuccino. May not cater to customers preferring a broader range of coffee options.
  • Consumes 1450 watts of power. Potential impact on electricity bills due to higher power consumption.
  • Affordability concern for some customers, potentially exceeding budget constraints.

Coffee Maker With Grinder

This compact coffee maker, capable of producing two cups simultaneously, comes with a removable 1.8-liter water tank. Ideal for coffee enthusiasts seeking control, it allows customization of coffee type, quantity, bean roast, grind size, water temperature, and milk frothing. A perfect gift, it combines functionality, quality, and style.

Features Of AGARO Supreme Espresso Coffee Maker With Grinder :

This coffee maker has a special grinder inside,  that lets you grind your coffee beans just the way you like. There are 30 different settings to make the grind size just right. The grinder puts the perfect amount of fresh coffee into the filter, and it can hold up to 250 grams of coffee, enough for a few cups.

The coffee maker works really fast and makes your espresso smooth and creamy. It uses a 20-bar pressure system, which is like having 20 times the normal air pressure at sea level. This makes your coffee smell great and have a creamy texture.

The coffee maker heats up water and milk separately. You can set the water temperature between 80°C to 100°C. For frothy milk, there’s a steam wand and a spinning steel frother that you can use by hand.

There’s a small screen on the coffee maker that shows you important things like how hot the water is, how fine the coffee is ground, how much coffee you’re using, and how long it takes to make your coffee. You can also use the buttons on the screen to turn the coffee maker on or off, make coffee, steam milk, add water, and check the menu.

The coffee maker has a tank for water that you can take out. It can hold 1.8 liters of water, enough for about 12 cups of coffee. The tank has a marker to show if there’s a little or a lot of water, and it has a handle, so it’s easy to carry and put back.

Inside the coffee maker, there’s a special filter that can use both ground coffee and coffee pods. The filter is smooth, so your coffee is always smooth without any bits. You can easily put it in and take it out because it has a handle.

The coffee maker comes with a spoon for measuring and putting coffee into the grinder or filter. The spoon has a long handle, so it’s easy to use, and it can stand on your countertop.

The coffee maker also has a tool called a tamper. You can use it to press the coffee down in the filter so that it’s even. The tamper has a smooth, round surface that fits perfectly into the filter, and it has a handle that’s easy to hold.

There’s a book that comes with the coffee maker that tells you everything you need to know. It has detailed instructions on how to use the coffee maker and keep it working well. The book also helps you fix any problems you might have with the coffee maker.

The AGARO Supreme Espresso Coffee Maker with Grinder is even better than I expected. It stands out because it can make coffee with strong pressure, control the temperature smartly, and has many useful features. Although it’s not meant for businesses, for people who love making coffee at home, this machine is a great choice. It’s easy to use, doesn’t take up much space, and lets you make coffee like a pro in your own kitchen. If you love coffee, I really suggest getting the AGARO Supreme Espresso Coffee Maker. It’s reliable, has lots of cool features, and is perfect for your home.

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